Internationally recognized data analysis

   Drawing from a decade of immersive roles at prestigious institutions including Slingshot Aerospace, Space Dynamics Laboratory, and Sandia National Laboratories, I wield a diverse skillset spanning signal processing, satellite communications, remote sensing, optical modeling, and micro-lithography. Notably, my groundbreaking data analysis software earned acclaim with a prestigious U.S.-UK Science and Technology Cooperation Award, pivotal to the success of the Bermuda Triangle Experiment in March 2024.

Previous projects

The lists below categorize specific topics and projects I’ve worked on during my career.
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"In Aaron’s short time with our company, he has dived head first into countless tasks with nothing but excitement and enthusiasm. When he presents updates on his work, his passion for exploring new ideas is always evident."

Casey Mills, Ph.D.

"I sincerely appreciate Aaron's work on our projects - with his help, we've come a long way in understanding what's feasible. Aaron has done a great job digging in to see what's possible whilst picking up a whole new skillset."

Jeff Shaddix

"A high-five to @AaronPung for being the weather data maestro and getting me the perfect dataset in record time!"

Clarice Reid, M.S.


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