Award-winning expertise

Signal processing

   Regardless of your data’s format, I will help separate the signal from the noise in a time- and memory-efficient manner. My expertise in data-agnostic algorithm development relies on both artificial intelligence, image processing, and N-dimensional optimization techniques to ensure your company’s efficiency and data interpretability meet your customer’s expectations.

   In my career, I’ve independently developed algorithms to extract signals from cloud images, star maps, radio frequency I/Q files, ionogram hypercubes, and many more. Check out my list of previous projects below.

Satellite Communications

   From digital twinning RF communication systems to decrypting satellite telemetry data via LFSRs (linear-feedback shift registers), my expertise in satellite communication extends terrestrial ground systems to space-faring antenna emissions, and everything in between.

   Whether your customers need real-time predictions of satellite attitudes or predictions of your adversary’s capabilities, my skillset in antenna modeling, radiation propagation, and ionospheric interactions may be the key component your company has been searching for.

Remote Sensing

   It’s not easy to predict what your imaging system will see when pointed at a specific target. After all, ill-defined material attribution, sun placement, or time-varying target attitude can mean the difference in discernable light curve data and useless noise.

   Remote sensing has been an integral part of each piece of my career. From sub-pixel tracking of hypersonic re-entry vehicles to satellite orientation estimation, my experience in scene generation and lightcurve modeling is based on validated algorithms and popular software like DIRSIG.

Optical Mod/Sim

   From micro-optic devices to multi-lens imaging systems, my expertise in optical modeling and simulation includes coupled thermo-mechanical micro-resonators, high-power laser emission, laser damage, and novel astrophotography imaging systems.

Specific projects

The project list below includes many of the projects I’ve worked on during my tenure at Sandia National Laboratories, Space Dynamics Laboratory, and most recently Slingshot Aerospace.

  • Time-series data analysis
  • RF radiation propagation
  • Antenna gain modeling
  • Atmospheric loss
  • Satellite I/Q analysis
  • Light curve prediction
  • Ionosphere behavior
  • GNSS observation analysis
  • TDOA / FDOA geolocation
  • Image system modeling
  • Pseudo-random numbers
  • L1CA, L2CM/CL generation 
  • Img-based audio cleaning
  • AI/ML-based data analysis
  • Synthetic scene generation
  • CAD model design
  • CAD material attribution
  • Gaseous chemical ID’n
  • Geo-spatial data analytics
  • Hyperspectral analysis
  • Image registration
  • Img background removal
  • Nuclear weapon safety
  • EM shielding effectiveness
  • Braided cable modeling
  • Radar cross-section (RCS)
  • Detonation modeling
  • Gaseous plume evolution
  • Multi-plume ID & tracking
  • Nature-based optimization
  • Docker containerization
  • Campaign data collection
  • Innovative optical devices
  • Micro-optic field modeling
  • Optical device fabrication
  • Laser physics

Software proficiency


A high-level, general-purpose programming language.


A high-level, general-purpose dynamic programming language.


A multi-paradigm programming language and numeric computing environment.


A physics-driven synthetic image generation model developed by RIT.

ANSYS OpticStudio

Commonly used to design and analyze imaging and illumination systems.


A popular antenna modeling system for wire and surface antennas.